Thank you everyone!

Thank you so much to the excellent audience and amazing performers who made Sassy fat Girls such a wonderful event. We promise to keep you posted on about when we will be having another event!  In the mean time we’ll be uploading video over the next week to ! Check out some highlights from Sassy Fat Girls as well as previous That’s What She Said Events! Special thanks to Tatyana Brown of The Lit Slam for filming for us.

If you are wondering where you can see these awesome ladies again head over to the Archive section where we have links to their websites and such! See you next time.

art courtesy of Laura J. Martin

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Sassy Fat Girls! This Saturday!

We’re super stoked about this Saturday’s show!  Here’s some helpful information for you about what’s going on.

First off you can save money by purchasing your tickets in advance online   so go forth and buy some advance tickets!

Now Here is the basic show information:

Sassy Fat Girls

Sept 29th 8pm

The Garage

715 Bryant St

San Francisco CA

or maybe you need a graphic to remind you:

look at that awesome art by Laura J. Martin! and again a reminder that it’s less than $12 if you buy tickets in advance online.

Next a few posts ago we introduced 3 of the awesome ladies in our line up: Denise Jolly, Lydia Popovich and Rachel Wiley if you haven’t checked out the entry on them yet you should (unless of course you want their awesomeness to be a surprise). You can get full bios of all the awesome ladies in this show by checking out the performers and hosts section of this website

Now I’d like you to meet a few of the other exciting gals who shall be gracing our stage

starting with our special guests from Rubenesque Burlesque: Kitty Von Quim and Miss Magnoliah Black!

Want to know more about Rubenesque Burlesque here’s a snippet from their official facebook page “Rocking the world with our fuller figured beauty … These women have challenged the fat-phobic sizest standard and inspired audiences across the country with their ample asses and attitudes! From San Francisco’s World Famous Hubba Hubba Revue to New York’s Slipper Room from Los Angeles’ Monday Night Tease to Oakland’s First Friday Follies, they give it to you hot and heavy, pound for pound and always with a ton of fun.”

We here at TWSS are delighted to add these two awesome women to our line up! It’s also worth noting that Sassy Fat Girls marks the first ever appearance of Burlesque performers in our show.

We’ll also be welcoming opening comedian Jennifer Dronsky!

Winner of the first Alameda Comedy Competition, Jennifer Dronsky is an up and coming, comic with San Francisco queer charm. Originally from southern California, Jennifer Dronsky fled to San Francisco at the sweet age of seventeen to pursue her passion for fashion. After creating two lines; Fashions for the Living Skeletons (a line for anorexics) and Baby, I mean Business (business clothes for babies), Jennifer Dronsky sought a new target market for her creative mind. Despite being a newcomer, Jennifer has been drawing focus with her charismatic style and gorgeous foul mouth. Follow her on Twitter @JennDron

And last but certainly not least we are thrilled to introduce the co-hostess with the mostest Bawdy Storytelling’s Dixie De La Tour! Dixie is a card-carrying pervert who sports both Southern charm and a mouth that would make a Sailor blush and she’s earned her Ph.D in sex-positive culture.

Dixie founded San Francisco’s ‘blue personal narrative’ movement almost five years ago in a Burning Man warehouse. The off-color nature of her life was at odds with her diehard love of storytelling until she decided to create Bawdy Storytelling, a place for other people with poor self-control to share their antics, too.

WOW if the line up wasn’t stellar enough before now it’s more out of this world than the Star trek Voyager!

We can’t wait to see you this Saturday at 8!

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Buy tickets online and save money!

Sassy Fat Girls Tickets now available online!

Howdy Folks!

We’re very excited about the upcoming show! Be sure to check out our previous entry for bios on some of our great performers. Save money by getting your tickets online at

Also be sure to join our facebook event and invite your friends!


Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about our line up! We’ve got some sweet surprises lined up for y’all.  See you on Sept 29th!

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Sassy Fat Girls!

That’s What She Said is proud to present it’s first ever ode to body positivity SASSY FAT GIRLS! 

Sept 29th  8pm  @ The Garage 

715  Bryant St San Francisco

This Show will star the awesome talents of DENISE JOLLY, RACHEL WILEY, LYDIA POPOVICH and More! Join our event page on facebook

Rachel Wiley is a bad ass all the way Columbus, OH. She represented Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam in the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2011 where she was the 4th place finalist. She was the 2011 Grand Slam Champ for the Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam team that went on to place 4th at the 2011 National Poetry Slam. Rachel has self published 3 chapbooks and 1 cd. She is seriously considering becoming a mermaid.

DENISE JOLLY is an amazing lady direct from the East Bay. She is a member of Salt Lines Spoken Word Collective, has served as Executive Director of Seattle Youth Speaks, co-host and facilitator of the Seattle Poetry Slam, Poetry Curator for The Round (a live multidisciplinary collaborative arts show), Eleventh Hour Productions Board of Directors and Vice President of Stronghold Productions. Denise was the 2009 San Francisco Grand Slam Champion and member of the 2009 San Francisco Slam team who ranked 3rd in the nation. She has performed, taught, and/or collaborated in venues as large as Coachella and as small as Cook County Detention Center, Cleveland High School, and Seattle Youth Speaks writing circle. She likes doing great things with amazing people and being moved by art, community and how the two work together. Enjoy her poem The Ritual featured in the above video from the Seattle Poetry Slam.

Lydia Popovich is a SF-based comedian and blogger. Her website, Hater Tuesday founded in 2003 garners thousands of weekly visits from friends and family around the world. You can see her performing on stages all over the Bay Area including her favorites the Punchline and Rooster T Feathers.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters once touched her arm and said, “Hey, you’re pretty funny.” That was the best day of her life.

Stay Tuned as we announce more awesome Sassy Fat Women in the days leading up to the show!

The Super Hero art above was created by the very talented Jay check out more of her work on tumblr

The Sketch below was drawn by Laura J. Martin share it with your friends!

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Thanks folks see you soon!

Big Thanks to all the performers and audience members that made our Pride show a wonderful evening please check out our performer archives and see what these fine ladies are up to and support their Creative endeavors.

Also stay tuned as That’s What She Said! starts it’s official run as an ongoing series at the Garage in September! For our official kick off show as an ongoing series we are pleased as punch to bring you Ohio’s spoken word poetry phenom Rachel Wiley!

Rachel Wiley is a native of Columbus, OH. She graduated fromCapital University in 2006 with a degree in Theatre Studies.
Rachel represented Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam in the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2011 where she was the 4th place finalist.
She was the 2011 Grand Slam Champ for the Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam team that went on to place 4th at the 2011 National Poetry Slam.

She was the 2012 WOWPS rep for Writing Wrongs as well as a member of the 2012 Writing Wrongs National Slam team.

She has self published 3 chapbooks and 1 cd.

She is seriously considering becoming a mermaid.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! We look forward to seeing you in September.

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Queer Arts Festival Edition June 26th at the New Garage!

Happy Pride Everyone!  We hope your weekend is full of sunshine and awesome times!

That’s What She Said! is very excited for our show this Tuesday evening at 8pm Join us on facebook and invite your friends!

We’re proud to present our absolutely stellar line up: musician Julie Indelicato storyteller Holly Fogelbach, comedian  Natasha Muse,  folk duo American Nomad, poet Maisha Z. Johnson and of course our hosts Caitlin Gill and Wonder Dave.

This episode of That’s What She Said! is not to be missed.

Purchase your tickets in advance online

See you at the Garage 715 Bryant St SF

Happy Pride!

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Queer Arts Festival Show Part 5! June 26th.

Ladies, Gentleman, Senators, Doctors, and esteemed Colleagues of all gender pronouns!

Thus far we have presented our stellar cast of Characters including Natasha Muse, Julie Indelicato, American Nomad, Maisha Z. Johnson,  and of course your hosts Caitlin Gill and Wonder Dave. Now That’s What She Said is proud to present the final member of our line up storyteller, blogger and butch about town Holly Fogelbach!

Holly performing at Bawdy Storytelling.

After a killer performance at Bawdy Storytelling Holly seemed destined to appear in the TWSS Queer Arts festival show. You can follow Holly’s Exploits on Twitter @BiblioButch or check out her blog Butch in the City.

We can honestly say this is the most exciting That’s What She Said yet! We are thrilled to be a part of the Garage’s block of Queer Arts Festival programming. Join us over on facebook and invite your friends to the event.

Finally for you convenience a list of upcoming That’s What She Said! Show Dates at the Garage 715 Bryant

Saturday Sept 29 (with Ohio’s Rachel Wiley!), Tuesday Dec 18th and Tuesday Jan 22nd 2013!

See you on June 26th for the Queer Arts Festival!

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